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Courtney u. graham

ShockT (shak'ti) Designs, c. 2011,  is an eco-conscious clothing line featuring hand-drawn designs.  Courtney created this clothing as a way to share her art, connect with the community, and promote conscious living through fashion.  Her art is inspired by plants, animals, goddesses, sacred geometry, and more..  

Although this project was the catalyst for Courtney to build an online presence, behind the scenes much of her passion and energy is directed toward her yoga practice and teaching.  She began her own practice in 2003, studying power yoga and ashtanga yoga, until she met her Iyengar teacher in 2016.  Now, her aims in practice and teaching are on alignment and encouraging the pursuit of unlimited potential.  Truly, anything is possible.

After a year-long sabbatical in South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru) in 2015, Courtney discovered a renewed passion for the outdoors and healing through whole foods and plant medicine.  Leading hikes, preparing meals, connecting with wild plants in the mountains, and engaging in shamanic ceremonies awakened her to new possibilities of healing the body, mind, and soul, and aligning in harmony with the earth.  

As Courtney continues to evolve her studies of Iyengar Yoga and Plant Spirit Medicine while living in St. Petersburg, Florida, she spends her weekdays in the kitchen at Craft Kafe creating beautiful food.  Raw vegan desserts are her specialty-- nuts and cacao are her healthy indulgence! 

Weaving together her love of art, writing, yoga, nature, food, and sacred ritual, Courtney continues to explore, excavate, and illuminate practices on the path toward harmony and peace-- with our selves, our community, and our planet.